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The 2014 Chinese non-core music industry valued at 220.0089 billion yuan According to the 2015 Music Industry Development General Report, Chinese music industry market scale reached to 285.15 billion yuan in 2014.

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According to the 2015 Music Industry Development General Report, Chinese music industry market scale reached to 285.15 billion yuan in 2014. Output value of non-core industry was 220.0089 billion yuan.

The following is part of the data report of non-core industry. (The report was Directed by The State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television of the PRC and supported by Music Industry Promotion Committee, and completed by the Music and Recording group in Communication University of China.)

There were 220 scale of companies in instrument industry in 2014. Annual revenues amounted to 32.28 billion yuan, 10.35% increses compared to the same period. And the total profits rose by 19.04%. Western instrument earned 16.989 billion yuan with a 9.55% rise, while Chinese instrument was 3.376 billion yuan with a slight drop of 0.51%. Electronic music instrument saw an increase of 10.84% to reach 6.872 billion yuan. Other instruments and parts were 5.042 billion yuan, growing by 21.47%. In 2014, instrument import and export was different with the previous years with rise on both sides, which became the highlights.

In terms of music education and training, the total value of 2014 social music grading test training and the college entrance examination of art training was 64.38 billion, which increased by 6.68 billion yuan compared with the former year. There was 830,000 applicants for the college entrance examination of performing arts. The number fell by 17%. The college entrance examination of art training reached to 6.6 billion yuan, but it decreased 1.15 billion yuan compared to last year. There were around 8,500 training agents for music grading test and more than 1.2 million students entered national music tests within the nation. The value of social music grading test training agents was 57.78 billion. It increased by 7.8 billion yuan. With the development of new Internet technology, online music education and training mode becomes broader with potential.

In 2014, the total output of electronic audio products was 277.4 billion yuan, increasing by 14.3%. The export of major electronic audio products was $29.84 billion with a rise of 16.7%, while the import was $6.81 billion. Professional audio and stereo as well as individual audio products, which were closely related to the producing, spreading and enjoying of music industry, developed steadily with a value of 39.1 billion yuan. The year 2014 also witnessed the recovering of the whole electronic audio industry in China.

Music book publishing market fluctuated mildly in 2014, and the sales of music books basically even with last year. However, due to the price rise, the whole industry value was up and the total revenue was 70 billion yuan. The total price of books in 2014 was 750 million yuan, increasing by 7.14%. But with a rapid development of sales from online book stores, digital publishing has become the trend.

There was 88 music radios in 2014, accounting for 18.45% of the market share. Also, advertising on music radios was over 2.3 billion yuan. There were 21 reality music TV shows in 2014, total revenue from title sponsors was more than 2.3 billion yuan. For example, the third season of Voice of China sold its copyright to Tencent Video for 250 million yuan. Therefore, music TV program and derivative industry are promising.

However, the karaoke industry dropped by 6.1%, ending with around 80 billion yuan. Entertainment venues fell by 6%. While traditional KTVs turned downwards, online KTV performed well. In 2014, more than 200 million users used Changba app. Meanwhile, it developed both online and offline, forming its new mode.

In terms of movie and TV drama, game and anime music, the total value was 488 million yuan, with 230 million yuan, 125 million yuan and 133 million yuan respectively. For policy supports from the government, game and anime industry developed well. However, lacking of industry copyright standards, profits from games and anime did not climb significantly.

In music charts, there were 213 major music charts in China last year, including 9 radio charts, 1 TV music program chart, 166 streaming video music charts and 37 other charts. It had detailed categorization and gradually became in line with international charts.

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