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With ‘new music business mode’, can Wang Feng hold up half of the music world? iwini is a brand new digital platform as a collection of video media, social interaction, music derivative products and information dissemination

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Several daysago, CMBN wrote an article about indie musician digital agent platforms. It mentioned that there was still imagination space for indie music market and there were more platforms served for indie musicians.

On February 28th, Wang Feng Studio announced the launch of iwini – its brand new internet music platform.

Previously, on February 25th, Wang Feng mentioned his new platform through Weibo, he wrote, “I believe this brand new internet music platform would change our
music environment, establish new music business mode, help musicians regain
dignity and wealth, and make music re-loved and expected by people!

Though the “New mode” has been mentioned by more and more people, a motivation to do something for music always move people. Now, let’s see some new movements of Wang Feng.

Imixdio, serving musicians and users

On February 25th, Wang Feng said on Weibo, “At today’s era, when music is struggling to survive, I think I have to do something for it.” Then, Wang Feng’s new platform – iwini – was first unveiled on February 27th.

According to the reports, as the first official sub-platform of iwini, imixdio – a broadcasting platform launched on February 29th– will record real and interesting lives of different musicians and music lovers through voice and image.

That is to say, first of all, it is an audio and video platform, rather than a pure radio product. After all, in terms of audio contents, imixdio may not be able to compete with former products in the market. Additionally, now foreign audio streaming platforms are trying to explore their own video area. Spotify also officially launched its podcast function, which indicates that video is an important and attractive aspect in music business.

Secondly, imixdio not only serves musicians, but also emphasizes the experience of music lovers. It’s a bit like the combination of Apple Music’s Connect and app 17 which everyone can make live. As for musicians, they can upload audio, video and information to fans. And in return, fans can interact with musicians on imixdo. At the same time, users can record anything between them and music,
upload it or share it in their social circle.

“New music ecology” iwini platform 

So far, except for imixdio, Wang Feng and his team are tight-lipped about iwini. 

After introducing the idea of iwini (winning), they only said that iwini is a brand new digital platform as a collection of video media, social interaction, music derivative products and information dissemination. Inwini internet music platform will launch sub-platforms with different functions step by step.

Finally, it will build a vital new music ecology.

Only after the layout finished can we clearly see the full image of iwini. However, this does not mean we cannot understand or predict Wang Feng’s product.

Besides imixdio, reports on February 26thby Wang Feng Studio also revealed “when voice, video, or information product created by iwini, we hope it is a kind of
goodwill and surprise after it being spread rapidly.” This is to say, iwini could be a creation platform for musicians.

Meanwhile, Wang Feng Studio also highlighted the interaction among people. It also means that this platform can provide interaction for musicians’ creation.

However, will it connect professional people in all links of music production like Behinders? Or will it allow musicians to create a song with ordinary users like Heyinliang? We have no idea about these.

In addition, according to the introduction of iwini (music derived products and information dissemination), there might be channels that offer peripherals sale and tickets for musicians, as well as channels for musician information. Or there may be music e-merchants selling music derivatives or media platform for information dissemination. But the former is more likely to happen.


In terms of serving musicians, iwini might provide a common creation platform and other channels in providing fans interaction, selling peripherals and disseminating latest developments. 

In terms of serving users, it will offer channels for acquiring information, buying
products (peripherals, tickets), as well as offer a platform with social function and creation function.

Music producing + disseminating + selling + social networking – this is the full image of iwini, which is also the way that Wang Feng helps musicians to regain dignity and wealth, and also the way that makes music expected by people again.

Competition among new platforms?

When referring musician service, it is also necessary to mention Ali Music’s new platform that weakened player function to fully focus on “service”.

Though Ali kept good confidentiality about this new platform, it could not stop people’s curiosity. It has been called “Taobao” in music business in a wide range.

Ali Music said it will be the largest musician service platform in the world. Gao Xiaosong revealed, “What do we want? Lower the threshold of entertainment enterprising. Yong people should not go to Zhongguancun to start their business. Do it by using your passion for music, for instrument and for technology.”

That is to say, Ali Music’ platform seems to build specially for musicians and takes the responsibility of breaking industrial information barriers.

Judging from the public information at present, Ali Music’s musician platform shares similarity with BandPage which was just acquired by YouTube. Musicians can open their homepage on BandPage, list products to stimulate fan consumption. Music products cover “pre-sale tickets, online concert, peripherals, signed photos”
and so on.

(Will selfie be priced for sale?)

However, as it has been called “Taobao” and aims at breaking information barriers, then Ali’s new platform may not only have musicians selling products as individual merchants but also have producers, or songwriters selling their products.

For example, if you are clear about the price of a producer, you can compare him or her to other producers in order to find the most suitable one to produce music for you. Or you might be a songwriter who do not need to worry about online lyric infringement. You can have an auction or sell it with a price you want.

So compared with Wang Feng’s iwini platform, they have different directions though there are also similarities. Wang Feng’s iwini is more fan-faced, while Ali’s platform focused on musicians and their works. So, it is very hard to judge
which one is better.

Wang Feng’s involving in half of the music world

Since 2014, Wang Feng is no longer simply a singer.

In August 2014, Wang Feng Studio, Compass Culture, and LeTV Music cooperated to hold an O2O paid concert. Later, in July 2015, Wang Feng also became the co-investor of YEMA Live. In 2016, there was news saying that Wang Feng had become the Director of a company named Hangzhou Azeroth, curved a stake in listed company. It is clear that Wang Feng has already looked for other roles besides being a singer.

In all these activities, the most noticeable is Wang Feng’s investing in his own headphone – FIIL. It was in July 2015 when the news that Wang Feng started to make headphone first came. Later, in October, Wang Feng stood at a technology conference as the Product Manager, confidently introducing his three headphones.

So, why did Wang Feng choose to make headphones while others crowded in intelligent earphone market? Wang Feng’s iwini platform gave the response.

Earphone plus platform. What can you think of? Beats and its Beats Music, or Apple which acquired Beats and its Apple Music.

Though hardware does not have strong relationship with platform now, but if Beats earphones with exclusively in-built Apple Music have been put into production, it could be another reason for users to love Beats. At the same time, Beats users could
possibly be faithful Apple Music users. A glance at steaming media platforms’ cooperation with intelligent home appliance and intelligent studio could reveal
their future with intelligent earphone.

Though, Wang Feng’s iwini is not a streaming media, it can create and promote works and it can also connect between music and users’ earphones. Wang Feng’s producing + disseminating + social networking + selling digital music ecology circle is presented.

Don’t forget, besides digital music, Wang Feng also participated in O2O concert, and invested music live app. Despite the final platform experience, earphone sale, with so many activities in music business, shouldn’t Wang Feng be close to half of the
music world?

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