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How do you prep for your first headlining show? It's a culmination of everything you've done before, the beginning of a new chapter in your performance history, and an opportunity to pull out all the stops in your live show.

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Your first headlining gig means so much. It’s a culmination of everything you’ve done before, the beginning of a new chapter in your performance history, and an opportunity to pull out all the stops in your live show. But how do prep for such a momentous occasion? We asked the ASCAP electro-pop band Scavenger Hunt, who are playing their first-ever headlining gig next week.

Want to see Scavenger Hunt put their plan into action? We’re giving away two pairs of tickets to see them live in LA on August 6th. Details below.

I feel like we’re always saying, “Well, let’s use that as a learning experience!” Navigating the music business can sometimes feel like one big “comedy of errors,” but luckily Dan [Mufson, Scavenger Hunt bassist/keyboardist] and I know how to laugh at ourselves. We’re always laughing!! We don’t take ourselves too seriously, but we are very serious about our music and live show.

After nearly two years since we released our first song on Soundcloud (which feels like a lifetime), a LOT of touring as well as countless studio hours, we are staring down our first headlining show at The Echo in LA, our adopted home-town, on August 6th. Needless to say, we are feeling the pressure, although mostly self-inflicted. Headlining a show is a dream come true and we are taking the preparations seriously.

I think the best way to describe our approach to this show, is that we want it to be an event. We envision it as more than just a show, more than just getting up there and playing our tunes. We want our fans to leave the show feeling like they experienced something. I want the audience to get to know me better. I hope they dance with me, laugh at me, feel something real. My hope is that our fans will get to see a deeper side to our music than they might’ve seen when were on tour as the support band. As headliners, it’s our night to create.

The first big difference is that our set will be longer. When we’re playing an opening slot, we have a half-hour to command the audience and hopefully have them fall in love with us in that short span of time. Now as headliner, the majority of the audience is OUR audience, so we can have a little more fun with the set list. Without the strict constraint of time, I have a feeling we will feel more comfortable to be goofy with our stage banter and audience interaction.

We are really focusing on having strong dynamics within the set – throwing in a couple new, down-tempo tracks and doing an exciting cover. It’s crazy to think about people buying tickets and making a night out of seeing our show. If I think about that too much, nerves start to creep in, so it’s been rad to focus on what we can control. We have a great lighting designer we’re working with – Lee Duck of Duck Lights – who is creating an automated light show set to the music. It’s going to be sick! We’re also trying to step up our fashion game – flashier gear and taking risks. I guess you’ll have to make it out to the show to see for yourself!

We went on two tours with the band Capital Cities last year. Watching those guys command the stage night after night was a great way to see the power of a headliner. Electro-pop is definitely a feel-good, high energy genre, and I hope that’s the vibe of the audience walking out of this Scavenger Hunt show – feeling great, buzzing with energy, smiles on their faces… and waking up the next morning with our songs stuck in their heads.

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