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Zhang Dongliang: Only music of high quality can get paid For the whole show industry, Modernsky is the largest independent label in China.

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Promoted by Modernsky, the mobile music live APP Now has more than 3.8 million users. It’s only less than four months after the company launched the app on April 16th. The advantage of Modernsky is their hot music content: Strawberry Music Festival, Modernsky Sky Music Festival and many signed artists. All of these help to promote the APP and attract fans.

Because of rich resources, personally, their client-side is complete. There are also many columns to watch and users can subscribe live programs.

However, for the whole show industry, Modernsky is the largest independent label in China. In terms of content, Now needs to find other resources in the market and invest its own content. Of course, the other side of limitation is focusing, which ensures quality. Continuously, it will attract some indie music fans.

The following is collected from what Zhang Doingling, the CEO of Now, shared in “The Future of Live Music Streaming New Business” salon:

It’s a chance to make Now. I was a technician, managing and developing products in Microsoft. Later, I started my own business – an internet company. There was once, Yin, CEO of Gochinatv, invited me to meet someone. Then, we came to Shen Lihui’s office. He and Shen wanted to turn Modernsky’s content into live video and show them to foreign fans.

At that time, I thought it might be too limited if we only streamed Modernsky’s content. We can start from Modernsky and spread. The AppNowis at the first stage. We have an OTT version—big screen. It will launch next month. Since April 16thto the present, its downloads are ok, but it still has distance between my expectation.

Modernsky has many artists. This APP has not promoted by any artist and the downloads is roughly 3.8 million. First, we have content of great domestic influence. Second, we have user base. In 17 years, Modernsky accumulates lots of users, so we set high goals.

We are also doing offline activities to fit the trend of future music industry. For example, in the late 90s, few people went to cinema for dating. But now, everyone watch films. This is the development,
which must happen. I believe music is the same thing. We download MP3 before, and now we also download other people’s music but not pay for them. But in the future, in a short period, people will be willing to pay for the artist. We predict this trend from tip mode. At the beginning of Weibo, if you give me tip for my essay, people regard you as crazy. But now good article gets lots of tips. Fans reward you if you write good work.

This is just a beginning. It is the same with Modernsky. Modern theater touring is a series of Now. It’s not what we named. We want to highlight the concept of offline turning to online. But this may not be reflected in technologies, including live.Nowinsists on six cameras in one concert and we make efforts on the quality so that each of them can show the whole standard.

At present, we produce Strawberry Music Festival live and other programs like talk show in other sectors in music festival live. This is an interesting mode. One side is salon, and the other is music festival. When camera changes, there appears two hot hosts, evaluating the singing.

I think tip is a kind of respect towards content producers. We all know the business mode of YY. Some people have needs and YY satisfies their basic needs. The tip that I mean is a kind of spirit such as that
in writing and art. Standing from the position of a customer and understanding the paid model of music industry cannot work. We should produce better products. With the living standard improving, we got 1,000 Yuan before and now we get 10,000 Yuan. This is an upgrade.Ten years ago, we ate bread, but we eat fish now. The reason is similar. Ten years ago, music is just music, though it doesn’t change now. Only if we focus on quality, people would pay for it. I think paid model is the future trend.

Users have their own little circle. They think that it is cool and fun then they pay for it. They can choose to watchthe Voice of Chinaat home or go to Workers Stadium. As long as the quality ofthe
Voice of Chinais good enough to attract them, he will stay at home. When watching a car show, 80% of the audience are for the models and only the rest 20% are for cars.

Before I madeNow, I loved watching Live life, such as Jin Zhiwen’s show. I watched it for more than 300 times. It is very good in terms of both sound and picture because I used LeTV’s TV. Though there’s the leader of the industry, it does not mean that we don’t have opportunity.

At present, we signed three years’ strategic partnership with CIBN at the beginning of this year, so there’s no problem with OTT license. I think we are not competitors. The copyright of a foreign show in China is 10,000 Yuan or 20,000 Yuan. We are doing things with a competing attitude. If I get an exclusive with 10,000 Yuan or 20,000 Yuan, the result can be bad. So I would like to see people share foreign resources. This will push the industry to develop rather than killing. It’s not competing but cooperating pushes the industry to a higher point.

There are around 200 shows in China’s music festivals now. This number is less than one tenth of that in a foreign country. We are not making the same song, so quality is the most important thing.

Music is not only with music festivals. For example, we will soon launch live talk shows, which is also music content. This is our difference. In fact, we are moving forward in different dimensions.

Many people think that music industry is very small in China. However, the movie industry is very small at the beginning. If we make a comparison between movie and music, we’ll find there’s much room for developing. We can image that music have more potential in the future. We watch movie after work but we can listen to music at anytime. In regards to time and occupation, music has a larger market.


(Translator: Ellie; Editor: Chuqian Li)

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