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Netease Cloud Music: Money is the most effective way to help musicians On September 8th, known by the feature of “sensation”, Netease Cloud Music initiated a program called Ideal Musicians Support Program to help more artists.

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Most people are familiar with musician supporting program. On September 8th, known by the feature of “sensation”, Netease Cloud Music initiated a program called Ideal Musicians Support Program to help more artists. Wang Lei, Senior Director of Netease Cloud Music, put forward the concept of Musicians’ Utopia.

In general, the so-called Utopia was to provide original musicians with a platform to their talent. As an
online talent program, many well-known musicians would participate in this original musician show. The only difference from TV show was that it had many follow-up steps, which was also the most demanding service for musicians, including the package, promotion, and brokerage for musicians and their works.

In fact, speaking of musician support program, people may think about the 2014 Xiami Light-searching Plan. It was a program to select the top five albums of Xiami musicians through online and panel voting and help those musicians to release albums as well as promotion, MV, touring and so on.

Then, is there anything special about the advertising of the “talent show”? To be specific, Netease Cloud Music uses “voting + funds + promotion + show” mode, which is similar with that of Xiami. Except for the funds, the top three ideal musicians would receive 120,000, 100,000 and 80,000 Yuan ideal fund respectively. Later, the plan will provide other resources to help musicians to perform with prominent singers for twice.

In the interview, Wang said, “Our support content offers the most direct financial help.” This is what
really helps. Though not mentioning about album producing, Wang added, “The main reason for ideal funds is to help musicians make albums.” It is clear thatLight-searching Planmajorly focused on making albums for musicians but Netease Cloud Music’sIdeal Musicians Support Programis to offer financial support to give musicians flexibility to make their own ones.

Except forIdeal Musicians Support Program, Wang revealed that Netease would continue their former campus strategy, mainly including the second National Campus Singer competition, which covered more than 100 universities’ promotion and city competition and over 8 offline concerts in 8 cities. And there would be a large final.

Why does Netease choose musician support program? Before the second season ofLight-searching Plan, Netease launched Ideal Musicians Support Program.T he former had indie musicians such as Chen Bi, Jin Wenqi, Joe&CC, Qiu Bi and Sound Toys, which imporved Xiami’s reputation and brand influence. Besides, it is noticeable that more and more enterprises start to pay attention to music marketing. For example, Jiaduobao, Red Bull and Durex all are good at it.

Actually, CMBN highly encourages musician-supporting programs. First, new sound and new musicians need a platform to be discovered and supported; second, when it comes to supporting musicians, money is the most direct way; third, it’s good for the business to form a virtuous circle.

Wang is still selling “sensation”, and he said: “OurIdeal Musicians Support Programhopes to establish a ‘Musicians’ Utopia’, providing a piece of growing ground for good original musicians to show their talent and realize their music dream. Besides material support, we hope to give them more spiritual

The word “Utopia” is not something new. It means “the best society in human’s minds”. So what is “Utopia” in Netease Cloud Music? Many original musicians no longer need to search for resources or spend many efforts on communication with others. What they need to do is working on music and waiting for the show. If your work can be matched with the aesthetic of some users and online musicians, then you are possible to receive financial support.

If your works are only known by a small part of people, do you have to continue publishing your music online or seeking help from hot song list owners to add your songs into their lists? In fact, we have a problem: Dose users’ aesthetics decide the quality of music? In the former Xiami voting, the whole program was selected by users and some Xiami music critics. As it was said before, the essence of this kind of project was draft, and then supporting a small part of musicians on this basis. We have
to consider many aspects such as fairness, transparency and participation.

Different people have different taste towards music. Even if users on the platform have good music accomplishment and carefully listen to the songs, will it be completely fair for musicians? In
terms of Light-searching Plan, there were 212 works in 30 days. If the Xiami panel and musicians listened to all the songs, what about the users? You can image what it would be if one had to finish all the 212 works and picket out his favorite ones. Would there be someone who click one song by chance or make a judgment only at the beginning? Or would there be brushing ticket behaviors?

In addition, the temperament of a platform is largely related to the leaders’ taste for music. What they select may not be popular with fans. All these should be taken into consideration for both Light-searching Planand Netease Cloud Music.

QQ Music also put forward a musician supporting plan in February, but there was no following news about it. The reason might be the low flow of indie musicians and new songs for most of them could not bring the website traffic before they got popular. It is good for theLight-searching Planto continue. The project is under Alibaba. Actually, business reward is very important from a business perspective.
Besides music brand sponsorship, platforms should think about how selected musicians can bring commercial values.

Recently, rumors came that Baidu Music was looking for buyers and QQ Music would be sold. Digital music platforms were at a crossroads. Baidu Music was the largest beneficiary in the “MP3 music flow” era, but now it has been marginalized. And if QQ Music transfer the business to Wechat and combine it with entertainment, it would be valuable. Xiami and TTPod are under Alibaba, which will be very active in three years. Plus, the aim for Ocean Music Group is IPO.

So what about Netease Cloud Music? When asked about the development of Netease Cloud Music, Wang responded, “At present, our focus is on the polishing and optimizing of products. For Netease, our major goal is to make good products and provide good service, in order to attract more users and form a pleasant music ecosystem.”


(Translator: Ellie; Editor: Chuqian Li)

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