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Voice – the difficulties in tour Tour is a necessity for most indie musicians and bands, as it can accumulate fans, experience and money. At the same time, it also offers artists a chance to travel around the country or world. Tour sounds pretty good. However, is it true?…

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Tour is a necessity for most indie musicians and bands, as it can accumulate fans, experience and money. At the same time, it also offers artists a chance to travel around the country or world. Tour sounds pretty good. However, is it true? What are the preparations before, during and after tour in order to achieve the goals? What are the trips in tour?

Recently, CMBN invited professionals on tour and musicians to share their experience and views on tour. 

The following are main standpoints from the salon.

At the beginning of the salon, four guests stated their own standpoints for tour respectively. 

Jiang Dakuan, “Budget is very important for tour!”

Niu Lei, “You should have a clear goal!”

Zhang Chenxi, “A good plan enables you to achieve success with half of the efforts!”

Li An, “With hot bands and fame, tour can be a hit!”

Four guests answered
and discussed various questions asked by the host.

Jiang Dakuan expressed that, in terms of tour, China should learn more from other countries. For example, his company once cooperated with Disney for performance. Disney had four props cars. If it were in China, it would take three days for setting
stage. However, from their cars’ stopping till the beginning of the performance, it only took four and half hours. He was very shocked. The setting stage looked like a performance.

Jiang studied geography in college, who always paid attention to the weather conditions. He found it is useful in tour. There are some tips. For example, once the final show of tour was held in Kunming where the climate is like spring all around
the year. However, in order to secure final gig of tour, they finally decided to take five-hours train to avoid flogs in the Kunming Airport.

In Jiang’s view, China has a large tour market. It’s a good timing to enter the market. But the quality, implement standards, and available talents of the whole industry still
have a gap of 30 years compared to European, American, Japanese or Korean.

Niu Lei: When begin a tour, you should first consider what your goals are. You should have priorities. Do you want to have some inspiration or just for getting popularity? You have to make various tour plans for different goals. Tour is a very complicated and you even have to figure out when the car will arrive and the distance the car will cover.

Besides, you have to think about where your fans are. There are geographical data such as in the back-end of Weibo, and Xiami Music.

Niu once had a show in Nanjing. They left the instrument on the taxi and so worried about that, for the show was about to begin. They crazily went to the radio station to broadcast, and to the taxi center in order to get information and find the taxi. Luckily, they finally get their instruments back. After that, they realize: musicians must go
with instruments together.

Zhang Chenxi: Musicians think they must have tours after producing music. They work hard on producing music. Once musicians feel good about their own music, they think that everyone will love it. Is it true? If they organize a tour, people may not
come, which might hurt their confidence. Tour is also the process for self-reflection. During the tours, musicians can also feel fans’ mood and figure out whether their music has fan base.

Even though you are famous, there are regional differences. Zhang took an example. If you bring artists back to their hometown, you’ll have a good box office. However, if you want to have a tour in Shanghai, you should be careful. Shanghai has everything and the competition is very fierce.

Zhang shared a true story. One band once performed in his venue. For various reasons, there were only two audiences, who bought tickets. Should the band continue gig or not? Both answers were awkward. However, they finally decided to continue the show.

Li An: It’s important to choose a venue. He cited a close example. There was a famous band who had a tour in a city. The venue that ranked first was a bit small. When the band arrived, they thought the venue was too samll. Then the manager changed into a bigger one. However, it turned out to be around only a dozen of people that

Li’s tour manager is very reliable and experienced. Of course, Li also suffered some embarrassing incidents. For example, once his tour manager had a fever, but still worked and booked a bedroom. Finally, they were shocked when arrived for the bed was twin-size. 

Performance during the break time.

Li An, lead singer of Self-Portrait.

Ma Yuyang, Indie Musician.

Chen Hongyu, host

Guests discussion

The salon has already come to the end. CMBN will post videos and reports latter. We hope you could enjoy more nice reports and salon activities of CMBN.

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