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Forum |From minority to mainstream, challenge of Chinese electronic musicians Music Scrolls, a cross-boundary brand, is coming soon. Inspiration will serve independent and critical thinking. The name Music Scrolls originates from a series of inspirational books called The Scroll Marked. This set of books recorded s…

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Music Scrolls, a cross-boundary brand, is coming soon. Inspiration will serve independent and critical thinking.

The name Music Scrolls originates from a series of inspirational books called The Scroll Marked. This set of books recorded successful people in various industries in the American over 200 years. Based on personal experience, they tell people secrets of success and meaning of happy life that brought with achievements.

Through Music Scrolls, we hope to bridge different music industry-related companies. We are going to invite music industry executives and elites to discuss and advise for the development of music business, to improve the convergence between music, technology, capital, hardware and other industries, and to push the sustainable development of Chinese music market.

Our new mission is to inspire everyone in the specific area within the Chinese music market, and encourage industry elites to share successful experiencea and ideas that they have learned from failures. CMBN is responsible for offline matchmaking and recording the forum by pictures and videos. Rely on the advantages of new media, we aim to spread and share ideas and contribute to both online and offline industry development.

Different from CMBN’s offline indie music salonVoice,Music Scrollsis designed to be held monthly. It will be an open topic discussion activity. We hope it can service for independent and critical thinking.

Music Scrolls not only gives you useful tips. Each invited guest will also share their professional and life experiences, including frustration, doubting for career choice, self-denial, self-satisfying. Isn’t it good? We gather together and talk about music industry reality and discover the facts and music business secrets.

We believe that diversified, cross-boundary, individualized and open dialogues are able to improve the development of individual, industry and even the Chinese society. The era of  masters has gone. It’s “your” era and “my” era. CMBN hopes that you can find familiar sense in the forums.

Let’s start together!

We warmly welcome your advice and opinions. Contributions are also welcomed!

Topic: From minority to mainstream, challenge of Chinese electronic musicians

Address: Modernsky lab 5-108, Galaxy SOHO D, Chaoyangmen, Dongcheng District, Beijng

Organizer: China Music Business News

Background: In Europe and America, electronic music has already turned into one of the mainstreams. Each year, electronic music festivals such as Time Warp (Mannheim, Germany), Moogfest (North Carolina, the US), and Tomorrowland (Belgium) attract more than hundreds of thousands of fans and first class DJs.

In China, especially in recent years, many young people have started to go to clubs and join EDM parties, festivals, and live shows. However, lots of nightclubs and DJ clubs become more and more commercialized, whose main purpose is selling liquors. Though with luxury decorations, there is no dance floor. Night club culture has become a kind of consumer culture, and ignores true electronic music culture. Moreover, DJ qualities in different night clubs also varies. There are few qualified ones.

However, electronic culture becomes gradually popular in China. Except for a number of electronic music festivals, many comprehensive festivals also have special stages for electronic music. But large-scale festivals are more willing to pay high price to invite international DJs, while the fees for famous Chinese DJs are far behind that of DJs overseas. On one hand, Chinese DJs doesn’t get high income. On the other hand, the complex DJ environment also hampers the development of electronic music.

Is there a day that the fees for Chinese DJs will rise? How does the market cultivate more excellent
electronic musicians?

These are the questions that we have to discuss and think in the forum.

The founder of Music Business News: Lucy Dong

We’ve founded a WeChat group for the topic “Chinese electronic musicians”. For joining us, add WeChat number: libin0046, with personal information: name + profile

Guests: DJ Wengweng: famous electronic musician in Beijing, main founder of Acupuncture Records, Intro Music Festival and Lantern Club

Wang Lu: Band leader of Yao, electronic music producer, designer of sound interaction. Once learned from famous Taiwan producers Zhong Xingmin. Founded Yao, and Sanjiaolong online radio station in 2012.

Paul Neuteboom:Graduated from Nyenrode Business Universiteit. After graduation, Paul founded Modern Art Entertainment (MAE), and established his company in China.

Kevin Ito: Japanese-Chinese-American, main DJ in several bars in west coast USA, and DJ for the Los Angeles Hip Top radio station 92.3 The Beat.

Marcalexr: Being a DJ since 15 years old, he is the founder of Mudlove — one of the most popular underground electronic music website in UK. He has been in China for three year, and is the manager of foreign musicians now.

Host: Xiao Linfeng: famous domestic electronic musician. His show is  described as casting sketches of body moving with X.L.F’s music; from hot Funk to mysterious Acid, from fierce Cologne to abstract Cologne academic.

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