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Small Antlers Think Tank Reached Strategic Partnership Agreement with OneSight The joint operation will focus on getting Chinese pop music overseas.

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On November 28, 2019, at the Impact (Chengdu) International Music Industry Summit, Small Antlers and OneSight announced the plan to publish the “China Music Industry’s Social Media Brand Influence Overseas List” and “Chinese Musicians’ Social Media Influence Overseas Sub-list.”

The two lists will contain scores generated by  AI algorithms based on social media big data. The data will represent the current social media presence of Chinese music industry players rigorously and fairly. Small Antlers and OneSight aim to provide useful insight into the globalization of the Chinese music industry and help companies improve their business aboard.


These two lists will be the first Chinese music industry brand influence lists on social media platforms overseas.

The partnership between Small Antlers Think Tank and OneSight is a perfect match between a vertical industry data pool and an AI big data tracking management platform.

Small Antlers Think Tank provides high-quality industry knowledge, business analysis, and consultation to help music industry professionals. Small Antlers has reliable data on the Chinese music industry. Since 2016, Small Antlers Think Tank has completed a large number of industry research reports covering many subindustries in the music entertainment fields, including standard mass-market reports and customized reports for specific firms. In the partnership with OneSight, Small Antlers will contribute the Small Antlers Data Plus and first-hand knowledge of the industry accumulated over the past five years to provide professional data analysis and in-depth industry insights.


OneSight has China’s first global social media management platform and extensive experience in helping Chinese brands go abroad. OneSight uses its massive data pool and analytics technology to enable a one-stop management platform, saving firms from the lack of data on competing products, market conditions, and the inability to post on social media abroad in mainland China. OneSight will supply reliable data obtained from YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to the joint project.

“China Music Industry’s Social Media Brand Influence Overseas List” will focus on Chinese music brand names in the realms of social media platforms outside of China, and rank them according to the constitution of followers, quality of content, and the number of interactions.

Besides, the “Chinese Musicians’ Social Media Influence Overseas Sub-list” will be ranking Chinese musicians according to their real popularity and influence on social media overseas.

Why are Chinese music industry brands going overseas?

As the world ’s largest social networking site, Facebook has more than 2.4 billion active users. Twitter, as one of the world ’s most influential microblogging platforms, is continually updating news on topics such as fashion, music, sports, health, technology, education and film, and television. And Instagram attracts the youngest users with its instant sharing feature. The number of global monthly active accounts on Instagram exceeds 1 billion, the number of global daily active accounts exceeds 500 million, and 80% of Instagram accounts follow at least one brand official account.

What does this mean for the music industry? For labels and independent musicians, these platforms direct fans to their music. For concert promoters, they can market precisely to fans with the most potential interest in the event. For young musicians and content creators, the free atmosphere on the platforms can inspire them. For fans, the platforms are not only a place for them to express themselves but also a site where they can contribute to their idols getting endorsement deals from brands.


In recent years, Asian music has gradually gained traction around the world. The most successful case is K-Pop’s newfound popularity in Europe and America. Besides the good-quality music, PSY BTS and Blackpink all owe their popularity to ingenious social media strategies.

BlackPink’s active social media presence before the 2019 Coachella Music Festival was not entirely due to organic traffic. The intense, continuous promotion on Twitter and Instagram was essential.BTS also secured an endorsement deal with Coca Cola because of its remarkable social media popularity. The K-Pop industry has a powerful influence on global social media. The number of tweets related to the 2018 MAMA is more than 56 million on Twitter. And the number of voters exceeded 13.3 million in 3 hours. The official music video for “Kill this love” on YouTube exceeded 600 million views.

In 2018, there were more than 5.3 billion K-Pop related tweets worldwide.

While Tik Tok and TME have attracted a lot of attention from all over the world, where are Chinese music, musicians, and labels?


Comparison of overseas social media data of corresponding brands in Japan, South Korea, and China

In 2018, the most popular Chinese music video on YouTube was “We Are Different” by Da Zhuang, which achieved a view count of over 100 million times in December 2018. As of November 12, 2019, the music video was taken down from YouTube because of copyright infringement and yet to be re-uploaded by the copyright owners.

The Chinese market is enormous. Chinese music industry practitioners can not only survive but thrive, focusing on the domestic market.

Yet if we know there’s potential for the music content and musicians in China but didn’t make the use of it, wouldn’t we regret it later?

The bright side of an underdeveloped market is substantial untapped potential. Southeast Asian countries, including Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam, have a strong demand for mandarin music. Right now, the top three videos related to the search results of “We Are Different” are Girls covering “We Are Different with 18 million views, Thai KTV version with 15 million views, and Vietnamese remix version with 8.6 million views.

While the western market is still only interested in Chinese music for the exoticness and novelty, the Southeast Asian market music consumers can identify with the singers. The problem right now is to better promote good Chinese music among fans that would identify with it.

Even though Chinese musicians tend to ignore social media overseas, there are still quite a few of them fighting to get their voices heard outside of China.


Chinese musicians most active on Instagram (as of November 22, 2019)

The “China Music Industry’s Social Media Brand Influence Overseas List” and the “Chinese Musicians’ Social Media Influence Overseas Sub-list” will be out in the first quarter of 2020.

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