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Taihe Music Group announced to invest Pilot Music Technology A diverse and integrated musical space that combines online social, offline musical immersive experience and Self-IP Production.

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After two months of the test run, T-House, co-produced by Taihe Music Group in collaboration of People Squared and Pilot Music Technology, has officially launched for business.

In the meanwhile, Taihe Music announced their strategic investment in Pilot Music, although more detail hasn’t been revealed. Ge Li, Co-Founder of Pilot Music Technology will be the CEO of T-House. And another Co-Founder, Yu Zeng will be the Music Director of T-House.

T-House is a diverse and integrated musical space that combines online social, offline musical immersive experience and Self-IP Production, while also playing a role as social media and commercial channel

In the aspect of contents, Jun Yue, CSO of Taihe Music; Chairman of Beijing Yue Space Ltd; Renowned Musician, revealed that T-House services include, music co-production workspace, music cafe, celebrities’ workstation, rehearsal space, live house, recording studio, photo studio, broadcast room and etc.  It hasn’t been announced which companies will join the music co-production workspace.

T-House also has already reached strategic cooperation with multiple Japanese live houses and will invite Japanese bands to perform. It is learned that Tokyo, just by itself, has about 18,000 bands in the city.

In the case of the business model, T-House will creatively practice the membership system. Unlike the business model of traditional music live venue, studio and rehearsal space, T-House will tailor their services according to the needs of different levels of members. During today’s launching ceremony, Ge Li introduced three tiers of rates of T-House to be 99 CNY per month, 499 CNY per 6 months and 899 CNY per year. Members can attend 2 shows for free per month and will also be able to utilize studio and rehearsal space for free, each for one hour every month.


According to Ge Li, T-House will also provide other services like recording for rehearsals and concerts for musicians if ever needed. In the future, T-House will also create VIP membership, with the detailed of the product still under discussion.

Beijing T-House, which has launched, will be located in P2 Beijing Tuanjiehu Community, Jinyujing Heyuan. More locations are considered to be opened in Shenzhen, Chengdu and other cities in the future.

Taihe Music, being the biggest music service platform in the country, has enormous amounts of industry resources. With multiple companies like Taihe Rye Music, Ocean Butterflies Music, and Baidu Music being its subsidiaries, Taihe Music provides service of publishing, artist management, and event planning in 5 main Chinese music markets globally. Taihe Music also has already purchased Asia Muse Beijing (June) and Maybe Mars Record (August) this year.

Pilot Music Technology, on the other hand, has over ten years of experience in music industry and music education business. Under their label, they have renowned artists and bands like Twisted Machine, Suffocate, Nine Treasures, NOVA HEART, Shao, The Hormones, and EarSnail.

During this presentation, Taihe Music and Pilot Music mainly focused on T-House, with their strategic investment being only briefly discussed, and more details remaining unknown. After purchasing Indie Label, Maybe Mars Record, it is another major money move by Taihe Music. With market integration accelerating, the ecosystem of Chinese Indie Labels has become more and more interesting.

Translated by Yuming Xie

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