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Yulin Tech closed its series A round with a new layout of business strategy for retail It's an education and technology startup company that focuses on music lesson design and intellectual technology app development.

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Yulin Tech, a service provider for various music product, has announced that it recently closed its series A round finance led by Tojoy Holding Group. Yulin Tech closed its second series angel round in September 2016 and has successfully finished their transformation of business model and strategy.

Yulin Tech was founded in February 2015. It’s an education and technology startup company that focuses on music lesson design and intellectual technology app development. Its management team has great working experience in educational training, internet, finance, etc. The company owns three new core business areas including knowledge, tech and retail, and 4 brands including offline store “Kids Key”, intellectual technology app “Kids Key intelligent piano”, online knowledge and product experience platform “Qiantang” (浅堂), and a music theory and skill learning product “KEYBOARD KING”.

Among all these new retail products developed by Yulin Tech, Qiantang is especially known for its combined function of learning music theory and knowledge trading in its knowledge-integration platform. By integrating the two systems of online experience and online transaction, Yulin Tech connected the entire chain from product supply, purchasing and transaction to customer experience, and has become the operator in the area of new knowledge retail. So far, Qiantang app has combined KEYBOARD KING, an independently developed music lesson app, and Kids Key music learning center. Qiantang is also continuing in exploring and developing in the four non-self-support area including integrated arts, technology, sports, and Chinese traditional culture, in order to provide a better and bigger trading platform for non-self-support products.

KEYBOARD KING is a systematic program of music lesson for children, teens and young adults aged 3-18, designed by Yulin Tech’s team of top specialists in early education and music education.

Kids Key Intelligent Piano is an independently developed new electronic instrument with high technology in both software and hardware. Its core technology includes intelligent chip motherboard, intelligent control software and application software, intelligent DSP and imported double keyboard and foot pedals that meet the international quality standard. It can play hundreds of different musical instruments with music in different forms or genre with its big LED touchscreen. Kids Key Intelligent Piano used KEYBOARD KING as a breakout, to launch its program providing children and teens aged 3-18 and systematic learning program for music knowledge and offline music theory study.

Translated by Paris Wu

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