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Rap and Street Dance:How to bet the capital on youth culture in China? “The rap of China 2” was signed, Youku and iQIYI contests on "street dance" ... How to bet the capital on youth culture under fierce fighting?

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Yesterday, Chen Wei, senior vice president of iQIYI, chief producer of “The rap of China,” announced that “The rap of China 2” was signed and the complete titling rights of it will ultimately belong to Xiaomi and Mengniu Dairy as the co-sponsor, after they competed with companies from various industries in iQIYI’s 2017 “Super entertainment brand leveling” iJOY Shanghai conference. According to media reports, North America will be added in the second season of the show and Kris Wu will continue to be the producer and master planner of music. During the show, there will be a “The rap of China ” tour show.


On the same day, iQIYI’s another brand new street dance super internet variety show “Hot-blood dance crew” also confirmed the titling rights were bought by vivo, and Pepsi became an important partner of the program. “Hot-blood dance crew” has led to the discussion of users from the beginning of the planning. It is confirmed that Lu Han and William Chan will join the program, and the general director is Che Che ,the same leader of “The rap of China”.

IQIYI is not the only giant company aiming at street dance culture. A few days ago, Youku held the autumn gathering in Beijing, announcing that it will join hands with Tmall and Can Star to create a reality show “This! Is street dance “and it is in line with iQIYI’s concept of ” Super Idol X Super Dance Crew ” (look familiar? the concept of “The rap of China” is ” Super Idol X Super Rapper “). Producer Xu Xiangdong said that the invited artists are required to attract a large amount of internet data flow, be popular among young people. The program is aiming at phenomenal standard variety show, said to be equipped with S-class top all-round resources. Tmall will invest more than 300 million RMB’s top resources to broadcast and promote the program – the industry also estimated that iQIYI ‘s two super internet variety show in next year will receive carrier-class strategic resources, and the total delivery amount will also refresh the sales record of web variety shows.


With the success of “The rap of China” , Variety show Nuggets turn to develop youth culture

2017 is a very interesting year for music variety show observation. As a whole, there are two bright spots worth mentioning. One is that the series of talent shows presented a weak performance. For example, of “Sing! China 2” is facing the situation that almost “nobody cares” about the champion’s weibo after the competition and celebrity instructors announced to no longer join it, seen as outdated by a lot of audience. Attentions on talent show have continued to slump and opinions remain pessimistic about the state; the other is minority hip-hop culture promotor “The rap of China ” “taste” the sweetness of the big market against the trend, becoming this year’s phenomenal surprise-hit variety show on broadcast volume, attention and titling fee. According to Weibo data, until September 21, “The rap of China ” has reached hot searching list for 461 times, short video playback volume has reached 8 billion, topic reading has been over 7 billion, fans of Rappers have increased over 20.85 million.

After “The rap of China”, the concerned hip-hop culture and the related street dance, graffiti and other youth cultures have also been overwhelmed by the market to join the series of variety show Nuggets, and the capital interests have gradually shifted to it. For example, part of rap and street dance competitions that have once settled in small circles have showed up to the public. Production companies and musicians view these games as a platform for the access to fame. In addition to helping players accumulate resumes, they also become producers’ potential talent show; In addition, many organizers began producing such youth culture-related variety show. For example, there is a hip-hop reality show “China rap” made by hip-hop group, and in electronic music aspects there is the “DJ Star Trek” which has not been disclosed too much news, and known as “the first domestic large-scale profession cultivating reality show,” and so on.


Is surprise hit copiable? Capital, team, entertainment marketing, none of these are dispensable, and also the real situation varies case by case.

Many seemingly logical and concept-oriented variety shows which are similar to “The rap of China” are brewing, the unprecedented success seems to open up a lot of capital and cooperation for the followers. However, whether the development of minority culture promoting variety show can continue to succeed in 2018, is not guaranteed with the current sensation and scenery.

Lou Lichang, COO of Kamiogawa Culture CO., Ltd., who marketed new media for “The rap of China”, believes that the success of “Hip-Hop” is comprehensively determined by the excellent standards of the teams including production, operation and promotion, willingness to invest from large platforms, and Its entertainment marketing cannot be copied. Although many people now think that the performance of “The rap of China” is mainly due to that entertainment marketing has been valued, but Lou said that the success of a program requires devotion of all parties: artists, post-editing and other aspects of the input. With ensured quality, entertainment marketing will be the icing on the cake.

IQIYI put 200 million “desperate” investment when the future of “The rap of China” is not seen as optimistic (allegedly the general producer Chen Wei signed a “military order”, he recorded the first period even when the sponsor had not yet confirmed). After the first season, Nongfu Spring’s 120 million RMB titling fee has also been close to or more than that of the top TV variety shows “Running Man”, “Go fighting”, “I am a singer” and phenomenal level variety shows. It also includes Che Che, Gong Peng and Cen Chunyi and other experts of the industry to form the strongest production team. The choice of artist instructors values the ability of attracting a large flow of topics: Kris Wu and other three people … … These are the premise to ensure the quality of the program providing a favorable environment for the marketing team after the hip-hop Cultural promotion – is the big market the courage game of capital? In fact, to some extent, this is how it works.

Secondly, screened minority culture should have high scalability. For example, hip hop can be combined with various types of business brands such as drinks, fashion brands and automobiles to broaden the effectiveness of marketing. This is also because hip-hop is currently defined clearly, and it is marketing on the basis of more potential audiences found by research.

Finally, there is a need to take into account the long tail effect of the later period and to re-utilize resources. After “The rap of China” ended, rappers such as PG One, Gai, VAVA and TT have already become celebrities that are comparable to or even exceed some of these of mainstream entertainment resources. However, how to maintain their exposure and develop follow-up resources is a challenge. For example, recently, iQIYI made the program material into a documentary. The six-episode program of Chinese Rappers is named “The Road to Chinese Hip-Hop King” with depth track-style approach to restore the first year of rise of top rapper’s feelings … … objectively calm perspective recording Chinese rapper’s most extraordinary summer. “The rap of China “’s well-known rappers will also be exposed in the show before and after the explosion of the most real inner world changes.

It is reported that the documentary will be broadcast at iQIYI from 8pm on November 4. With rappers’ performance on concerts, business cooperation and other variety shows, it may raise another round of “hip-hop” discussions to fill the gap before the next hit program.

(Translated by Kiki Hu)

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