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MayDay’s Parent Company Axes Movie Department B’in Music announces major changes to better face industry challenges.

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Taiwanese media just reported on December 18th that pop band MayDay’s management company, B’in Music Co. Ltd, has announced major internal adjustments. Specifically, the company has decided to shut down its movie department in adjustment for the ever-changing market challenges.

B’in Music first created its movie department in 2011. The department would then later help invest in MayDay-related movies, including “MayDay 3DNA” and “MayDay Nowhere 3D,” as well as its members’–specifically, Monster’s and Stone’s–motion pictures, such as “Second Chance” and “Zinnia Flower.” Additionally, the department helped create “First of May” and “The Village of No Return.”

However, even with big names like MayDay, B’in Music’s ventures in the movie industry were nowhere near as successful as the companies musical efforts. Just this year, “The Last Painting,” starring Chang Ning, J.C. Lin, Lin Wei-Yi, Kiwebaby and directed by Chen Hung-i, cost ¥40 million RMB to shoot, but only recouped ¥1.5 million RMB in box sales.

Regarding this move, B’in Music said, “At the end of every year, we look at what we have learned and what has changed in that year and then adjust the company’s strategy accordingly, so this is no different. We hope these changes can help us succeed in the following year, taking on the increasingly challenging and complicated environment. We will still consider investing and supporting viable film projects in the future. Thank you for your support!”

(Translated by Kane Ge)

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