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Douyin launches partnership with Modern Sky to monetize music As a part of their “Seeing Music” program, Douyin and Modern Sky will discover and develop new artists together, and explore more ways of monetizing music.

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Douyin, the popular short music video platform among youngsters in China, announces a partnership with the indie music label Modern Sky Group to promote artists, music and events on its platform. As a part of their “Seeing Music” program, Douyin and Modern Sky will discover and develop new artists together, and explore more ways of monetizing music. Specifically, Modern Sky-owned artists would be shuttering on the platform, and premier their new works such as new singles and MVs there. In addition, Douyin would also help Modern Sky campaign for other business, like the Strawberry Music Festival etc.

Sensations on Douyin keep coming up since its launching, some of them even directly affected Chinese music industry. According to a report, since its releasing on Douyin, the Modern Sky singer 万妮达 has successfully drawn more than 2 million viewers watching her new MV for the song “场上称霸”. Last year, several artists became hits in China because of Douyin.

Based on the stats, the target users of Douyin are mainly living in big cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hangzhou, most of them are youths who were born after 1995s. They are not just the potential consumers that Modern Sky has been looking for, also the regular audiences of music festivals and live houses. Thus, the cooperation with Douyin would not just help Modern Sky expose its brand and artists to the targeting customers, also helps it cultivate new market.


As to Douyin itself, this partnership now has it have more qualified music materials. Jie Zhu, the person who charges at the department of Douyin Music, says that her company would like to help indie musicians find their own fanbases by means of algorithms and Artificial Intelligence. “ With the helps of Modern Sky who has professional production resources and live acts brands, Douyin now can break into the links which bond music productions and promotions, packaging and marketing musicians and their music in a full range. As a result, the partnership would push the whole industry forward to a brighter future.”

Nonetheless, the partnership that Douyin just built with Modern Sky would not be its only step of its attempt to disrupt this industry. Furthermore, this company wants to build more relationships with music labels, and help them make more money.

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